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1228 Protocol 

Our most popular package is the 1228 Protocol™. Your skin rejuvenates itself every 28 days when you're in your 20's. As we age, that rejuvenation cycle slows down, leaving our skin looking drab and dull. The 1228 Protocol™ combines specific treatments spaced approximately 28 days apart, that remind your skin of its youthful cycles and re-trains cell turnover rates. By alternating these treatments, your skin is energized and refreshed each and every month, while you enjoy soothing sessions that leave you feeling rejuvenated from day one. We recommend a rotating schedule of self neutralizing chemical peels and microneedling to every patient. The peels are progressive rather than aggressive and with leave you with a beautiful glow. Microneedling helps with cell turnover in addition to the peels and will also help to promote collagen, decrease pore size and improve skin texture and tone. We always treat the entire face, neck and decollete. Results will be most noticeable after 4 months of treatment. PRF or PRP can be applied topically following microneedling sessions for added benefit.

Best Deal

1228 Protocol 6 Month Package


  • 3 Microneedling Sessions

  • 3 Chemical Peel facials

1228 Protocol 12 Month Package


  • 6 Microneedling Sessions

  • 6 Chemical Peel facials

Topical PRF or PRP add on


  • 6 applications (12 month package)


  • 3 applications (6 month package)

Massage Table


Prices valid until 9.30.23

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